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A modern day renaissance women, BeautifulDiz brings a much needed new perspective to the world of art and music.  Through her work as a model, director, photographer, and musician, she is devoted to telling stories that have gone untold for too long.  And while her identity as a young, black woman is central to her work, her creations have a universal appeal, speaking to dreamers around the world.


BeautifulDiz was born in Harlem, where she endured a difficult childhood. She took solace in art, particularly anime and comics.  As she grew up, she began to focus on VFX, developing the stunning visual style that would come to define her career.  She began pursuing acting as well, but found it difficult to break into the industry. Instead, she decided to take things into her own hands, using her charismatic presence and inimitable style to create unique short films.  Much to her surprise, these films found a welcome audience.  Some of them now boast streaming numbers in the millions.


BeautifulDiz has already succeeded beyond her wildest dreams, and her story is just getting started.  As a staunch advocate for black representation, she has become a role model for creative young people all over the country.  She looks forward to continuing to expand her horizons and embracing her role as one of her generation’s most vital young voices.

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